For borrowers with federal student loans as well as those that utilized other types of educational loans, the resources on this page have been highlighted in order to provide further support in preparing for the loan repayment process and long-term management of your student loans. 

Whether you're still in school, a brand new graduate, or a long-time member of the alumni community, the following section offers various resources and informational material to help you confidently manage your student loans in repayment. 

Browse the resources below for helpful information on the loan repayment and management process, including: 

  • Selection of calculators and simulator tools for repayment estimates
  • Overview of loan counseling and repayment offerings
  • Link to loan forms for NFLP, Durham Teaching, Federal Perkins programs and more! 
  • Slide deck for all Duke-facilitated exit counseling sessions 
  • Federal Loan Simulator
    • Best for federal loan borrowers researching Income Driven Repayment Plans or looking to simulate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program
  • SmartAsset 
    • Helpful in comparing different repayment timelines and examining the impacts extra monthly payments have on your total to be paid estimates 
  • Investopedia 
    • Robust breakdown of loan amortization and subsequent payment schedule 



Duke University facilitates several different kinds of loan counseling: 

federal loan Entrance counseling 

Entrance counseling is required for Direct Loan Borrowers (Subsidized, Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS) who obtain a Direct Loan for the first time as an Undergraduate or for the first time as a Graduate or Professional student.

The following are items are helpful when completing entrance counseling 

  • Your Federal Student Aid Login information
  • Financial Aid Offer Letter
  • Three references including contact information (may be parents, other relatives, or friends)

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling is available at studentaid.gov

Once completed, the information will be sent to the school within 48 business hours to update DukeHub with a completed status.

First time borrower seminar for undergraduates 

This seminar is tailored to all first time student loan borrowers. During this session, you will review different types of educational loans, discuss the borrowing process, and reflect on important considerations for managing your loans while in school.

Check to see when upcoming sessions will be offered on our Scheduled Seminars & Events.


Federal regulations require all federal student loan borrowers to complete an exit loan counseling session prior to graduation. A list of available group sessions can be found on the Scheduled Seminars & Events page. During the counseling session, you will receive information about the loans you have borrowed including the repayment options available to you, your rights and responsibilities as a borrower, and helpful tips for managing your loan debt.

We recommend that you attend a counseling session scheduled for your school, but you may also be available to fulfill your exit counseling requirement through other means. 

Additional information for online Student Loan Exit counseling 

Online Counseling is available for those who are studying away from Duke and are unable to attend a group session or schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance.


To complete online counseling:

  1. Go to https://studentaid.gov
    • Your Federal Student Aid login is required to sign in
  2. Click "Complete Counseling" from the main menu 
  3. Select "Exit Counseling" and follow the steps

Note: Once completed, the information will be sent to our office within 48 business hours to update DukeHub with a completed status.


Use the following link to complete your requirement: 

    Online Perkins Loan Exit


Use the following link to complete your requirement: 

     Online Nurse Faculty Loan Exit



Throughout the repayment of your Duke Institutional Loan, you may find that you need to provide documentation or submit a necessary form for a number of reasons. Loan Forms our housed on the website of our loan servicer agency, Heartland ECSI.

Among the most common reasons that our borrowers utilize loan forms include:

  • Seeking out temporary relief during financial hardship 
  • Deferring payments during approved fellowships, rehabilitation programs, continued enrollment, active duty military service, etc.
  • Confirming employment for deferment and/or cancellation purposes 

Duke Institutional Loan Forms can be found on our servicer's website, Heartland ECSI. Once complete, forms can be sent directly to our office by email, fax, or physical mail. 





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