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  • Just Announced: Extension For Filing Federal Income Tax

    For individuals planning to file federal income taxes, the deadline to file has been extended to May 17th. Keep in mind this only applies to federal tax obligations; filing dates for state taxes may differ. 

  • Just Announced: COVID Emergency Relief Flexibilities On Federal Student Loans Extended Through At Least September 30th, 2021

    What does this mean for you and how will your payments be affected? Find out more by visiting!

  • Stay Informed With Updates At!

    Review FAQs directly from Duke University. Additional questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to find you an answer. 

  • What is Personal Finance @ Duke?

    Welcome to our website! Personal Finance @ Duke is a program designed for the Duke community to feel empowered to make informed financial decisions today and prepared for the financial responsibilities of tomorrow. 

  • Happy Summer Blue Devils!

    Be sure to review your DukeHub account and check your Duke email throughout the summer for important communications from the university.

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Resource Spotlight: Loan Simulator

Are you a soon-to-be graduate with federal student loans? Does your federal loan repayment start in 2021? Make a plan for your student loan repayment by using the Loan SImulator tool on the Federal Student Aid website. The tool is designed to give you an estimate of your monthly loan payment based on your total loan amount, household information, financial situation, and what repayment plan you make your payments on. 

Try out the Loan Simulator today!


Tips and tricks

  • Pay Down Your Interest

    Paying towards your interest while in school and during your grace period can help save you money- any interest that is remaining once repayment begins will be capitalized or added to your principal balance. That means you'll have to pay interest on interest. Do what you can to chip away your accrued interest and avoid capitalization. 

  • Save Money On Interest

    Most loan servicers offer a .25% interest rate reduction when you activiate auto-pay for your monthly payments.

  • Passwords

    Use complex passwords.  The Duke community can download LastPass  for free from the Office of  Information Technology's website.

  • Start Young

    Start saving and investing young to take advantage of the awesome power of compound interest.

  • How is your Self Control?

    If you are prone to spontaneous spending, consider keeping your credit card in a safe place instead of carrying it with you.

  • Cup of Joe

    Make your own coffee at home.  If you spend just $3.50 every workday for your latte or cappuccino, you're losing over a thousand dollars per year.

  • Tips are Taxable

    Tips are subject to federal income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

  • It's Not Income

    Don’t think of credit cards as another source of income!

  • Stop Unwanted Solicitations

    Opt out of credit card solicitations here.

  • Buying Online

    Many credit card companies offer virtual account numbers that increase the security of online purchases because they are good with only one merchant for only one month.

  • Prompt reporting can save you

    If you do not report fraudulent bank account activity within 60 days of the statement where it appears, the entire loss will fall on you.