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  • President Announces Freeze On Federal Student Loan Interest Accrual

    What does this mean for you and how will your payments be affected? Find out more by visiting our News section at the bottom of the page! 

  • Stay Informed With Updates At!

    Review FAQs directly from Duke University. Additional questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to find you an answer. 

  • Questions About Student Loan Repayment?

    Visit our new topic page on Loan Repayment or visit to register for a Zoom Video Student Loan Exit Counseling!

  • Our Office Has Moved Online!

    Interested in learning more about your personal finances? Click on the "Contact Us" button to access our appointment calendar and make a phone appointment today.

  • What is Personal Finance @ Duke?

    Welcome to our website! Personal Finance @ Duke is a program designed for the Duke community to feel empowered to make informed financial decisions today and prepared for the financial responsibilities of tomorrow. 

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COVID-19 Relief Efforts for Financial Difficulties and Economic Hardship

In light of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the financial well-being of millions of Americans, several relief efforts have gone into effect to provide individuals facing financial hardhsip with resources and support. 

Review the following websites to learn more about the available resources: 


Tips and tricks

  • Passwords

    Use complex passwords.  The Duke community can download LastPass  for free from the Office of  Information Technology's website.

  • Start Young

    Start saving and investing young to take advantage of the awesome power of compound interest.

  • How is your Self Control?

    If you are prone to spontaneous spending, consider keeping your credit card in a safe place instead of carrying it with you.

  • Cup of Joe

    Make your own coffee at home.  If you spend just $3.50 every workday for your latte or cappuccino, you're losing over a thousand dollars per year.

  • Tips are Taxable

    Tips are subject to federal income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

  • It's Not Income

    Don’t think of credit cards as another source of income!

  • Stop Unwanted Solicitations

    Opt out of credit card solicitations here.

  • Buying Online

    Many credit card companies offer virtual account numbers that increase the security of online purchases because they are good with only one merchant for only one month.

  • Prompt reporting can save you

    If you do not report fraudulent bank account activity within 60 days of the statement where it appears, the entire loss will fall on you.