As a college student, you are faced with a unique set of responsibilities: increasing academic rigor, juggling numerous co-curricular activities, broadening your professional experiences, and balancing success in the classroom with self-care, social connections, and so much more! Among the ever-growing list of new and complex obligations in this stage of your life are navigating your personal finances.

For many individuals, needing to know the right course of action when it comes to financial decision-making initially becomes prominent while in college. Your university years may be the first time you have been financially independent, lived on your own, worked at a job, or were even in charge of your own bank account. Managing these responsibilities requires a knowledge base that empowers you to take control of your personal finances. 

Our Personal Finance Foundations topic sections will introduce you to the fundamentals of money management, including: 

  • Goal setting
  • Creating your money management system- banking, saving, and identity protection
  • Budgeting and using spending plans
  • Building credit 
  • Investing basics 
  • Preparing for tax filing

The information on these pages is designed to be educational and does not serve as financial advice. Featured within these sections may be references to outside organizations or links to resources housed on platforms outside of this website. These resources have been carefully selected to provide you with well-crafted material to engage with, but does not constitute promotion or recommendation of service or business. 

There's no better time to foster your personal finance confidence than the present! It's Your Money. Your Choices. Your Future. Are you ready?