What is the Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance? How can I utilize the Personal Finance @ Duke program? Get to know our team, and learn more about how our services can support you during your time at Duke and throughout your life as a member of the Blue Devil community!

Who are we?

The Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance is a stand-alone office that works very closely with the various financial aid offices across Duke University, serving the undergaduate student popoulation as well as the graduate and professional student community.

what do we do?

From an administrative standpoint, our office maintains the processes that facilitate loan disbursement. Our team also oversees the operation of student employment through the federal and Duke work-study programs. 

From a student facing lens, our office provides educational information and support for your money management questions or concerns through Personal Finance @ Duke; an intiative that aims to empower students as they navigate their personal finance journeys in school and instill confidence as students prepare themselves for financial transitions post-graduation.

what support do you provide & how can i use your services? 

Our office provides direct support to students, families, and alum in the following ways: 

  • Communication via email messages and phone calls
  • To-do notifications in DukeHub 
  • Zoom drop-in hours 
  • Campus office hours
  • Individual appointment offerings 
  • Group workshop and seminar presentations 
  • Website articles, resources, & other online tools

meet our team! 

The team in the Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance is excited to connect with you further! All of our services are managed by professional staff with years of experience and a passion for helping students feel confident in managing their money. 

Staff Members

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