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Triangle Roundtable: Dying With Dignity


Mara Buchbinder and John Swinton

Each semester, the Triangle Roundtable gathers faculty from Duke, UNC, NC State, and other area colleges for an evening of dinner and conversation on a question at the intersection of science and religion. This fall, we're joined by medical anthropologist Mara Buchbinder (UNC-Chapel Hill), physician Heidi White (Duke), and theologian John Swinton (University of Aberdeen) to discuss the meaning of mortality. Care for people with terminal illness raises ethical and philosophical questions: Should we strive to minimize suffering, even by acting to shorten life? What role should religion play in personal decisions, patient care, and public policy? And how should we all live in light of our common vulnerability to suffering, disability, and death? RSVP to join a lively conversation across universities, disciplines, and religious and non-religious backgrounds.


Ethics, Free Food and Beverages, Human Rights, Lecture/Talk, Religious/Spiritual