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Whether you're a prospective student, newly admitted Blue Devil, a current member of our community, or a graduate of Duke University, we are here to help! Our Drop-In Zoom Hours are designed to provide those with questions about borrowing educational loans, preparing for repayment, or navigating personal finances easy access to our professional staff. 

Drop-In Zoom Hours can be used to field general questions about broad financial processes at Duke or specific financial concerns within 25 minutes or less. Questions that Drop-In Zoom Hours can best address include: 

  • Types of educational loans 
  • Steps to apply for a loan 
  • Action items required for disbursement 
  • How to prepare for loan repayment 
  • Status of Duke Institutional Loan
  • Basic personal finance benchmarks & definitions 

Although this resource can be used to speak to a variety of money management topics, some concerns may warrant scheduled time in advance to ensure your questions are addressed to the fullest extent. For conversations that are likely to exceed 25 minutes or involve individualized, personal detail, please refer to our Request an Appointment page.

As a reminder, our office does not provide the same function as the Financial Aid Offices at Duke, and we may not be able to answer questions you have that pertain to the financial aid processes for your program. 

Before entering our zoom room 

Please note that during our peak seasons, which include the summer months, transitions between semesters, and billing due dates, you may experience a brief waiting period in our Zoom Waiting Room. If you have been waiting more than 15 minutes, please call or send our office an email to coordinate a time to return to the Zoom Room.