Personal Finance @ Duke wants to empower you to make informed financial decisions that help you feel confident in your choices today and prepared for your financial responsibilities in the future. Choose from one of our featured workshops to learn about money management topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, and navigating student loan debt.

For scheduling purposes, please make presentation requests at least 10 business days in advance.

Presentations run for 1 hour and can be facilitated virtually or in-person. For in-person presentations, the responsibility for booking space will remain with the group or class making the request.


This presentation provides an overview of how to create a spending plan along with tips and strategies you can utilize to better stick to your budget and meet your financial goals.

This session covers the ins and outs of credit- 

  • What is credit and what part does it play in your personal finances? 
  • When and how do you establish credit? 
  • What are some action steps you can take to maintain or improve your credit?

This presentation addresses the basics of saving and investing long-term, including: 

  • The purpose of building up liquid assets 
  • The importance of investing early 
  • Considerations to reflect on when investing (type of account, tax incentives, withdrawal limitations, asset mix, etc.)

This topic is designed to help upcoming graduates prepare for new financial responsibilities as they enter the workforce and begin the relocation process. Discussion points include: 

  • Moving cost considerations 
  • Difference between gross pay and net pay
  • Cost of living factors
  • Overview of common employer benefits