Assistant Director, Systems and Processing

Beth Wessels is the Assistant Director for Systems and Processing for the Office of Student Loans and Personal Finance.

Beth has been at Duke for 28 years, starting in the Bursar’s Office in 1994 and moving to Student Loans in 2008.

Beth has worked in most aspects of the office over the years.  After initially starting as an office clerk and helping out wherever she was needed, she soon moved to being a Student Loan Officer where she helped students and parents understand the many options they had with borrowing loans as well as helping them navigate loan repayment. Beth was one of a handful of people that helped launch Personal Finance @ Duke and for many years, she counseled individuals and groups to help them see how the financial choices they make today will impact their future.  Beth moved into her current position in 2016 where she oversees the many systems in our office that relate to the processing of data to ensure timely disbursements of educational loans across campus

In short, Beth keeps the systems working that allow our office to better help students access and manage their loans while at Duke! 

Beth enjoys stories told to her personally or in the form of books, tv shows or games.  She especially likes them if they make her laugh or if she is sharing them with family and friends.   

Her words of wisdom for students thinking about their personal finances are: " I think the goal of personal finance is to make wise choices for your future so that you can help others, through your work, volunteering or charitable giving,  who may not have had the same choices available to them".