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Layin’ it on the Line: 4 personal finance concepts to help you focus on the essentials

January 25, 2021

Finding the right financial plan can be very confusing. There are over 17,600 personal finance blogs and millions of money websites on the internet. With few exceptions, these sites offer advice designed to fill in the gaps created by Americans’ lack of financial literacy.

Curing financial illiteracy is a noble cause. After all, many of us have experienced illnesses, stress, marital discord and general unhappiness that often accompanies money problems.

The need is tremendous, and the spectrum of the financial education gap so vast that even though you might think that everything worth saying about money has already been said, that is far from the case.

However, the plethora of financial websites, blogs and videos have created an “information weariness” and confusion. This overload prevents many people from absorbing and implementing the excellent advice these sites offer.