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Hate The 'B Word'? 7 Simple Steps To Create A Budget You Can Live With

October 5, 2017

Everyone hates the B word. It's easy to see why; your budget restricts what you do and judges every little mistake you make. As much as we hate budgets, without them we have no method to save for our goals or any concept of what and where we spend. Although a budget is an important part of our financial health, often times a budget can cause more harm than good. It all depends on why and how we create it.

It's similar to dieting. You've been overeating and want to lose weight, so you decide to eat nothing but kale and quinoa salads for a month. You will probably lose some weight in the beginning. However, you are almost guaranteed to break it; it's just not realistic (plus no one really likes kale and quinoa anyway). After a few days on this restrictive diet, you are dying for a treat. Anything. And you've been so good; you deserve just a teeny little cheat, right? A few hours later you wake up to find yourself laying in a pile of M&Ms, with no idea how you got there (this happens to everyone, right?). Diet is history.