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The 5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Haven’t Heard of Yet

October 10, 2019

Have you ever tried to Google “best personal finance podcasts” to find suggestions of new shows to listen to? If so, you might have noticed something funny about the results:

Most of those lists tend to feature the same 6-7 podcasts that have either been around forever (like So Money or Listen Money Matters), or are backed by some serious media firepower (think NPR-produced shows like Planet Money).

And isn't the whole point of looking for a list of great podcasts to listen to next to get new ideas, not the same old shows you've seen a gazillion times?

I certainly think so – which is why I created my own list of my favorite newer, up-and-coming, or underappreciated shows that you probably haven’t heard of... yet.

If you need some different, unique, or new-to-you personal finance podcasts, try one of these shows.