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Uncovering Injustice: A Discussion on Policing, Race, Violence, and Accountability


Tony Cheng, Michael Sierra-Arévalo, Michelle Phelps

The onset of the #BlackLivesMatter Era has opened scrutiny over what exactly should be police's goals and responsibilities in today's society. Can the police be trusted guardians of security and justice simultaneously? What are the pathways toward institutional change, whatever that may look like? And how are police departments themselves strategically navigating these efforts? Join three authors of new books engaging these questions: -Tony Cheng, The Policing Machine: Enforcement, Endorsements, & the Illusion of Public Input -Michael Sierra- Arévalo, The Danger Imperative: Violence, Death and the Soul of Policing -Michelle Phelps, The Minneapolis Reckoning: Race, Violence, and the Politics of Policing in America Moderated by Andrea Leverentz, Professor of Sociology at NC State University. Sponsored by the Wilson Center for Science and Justice and the Department of Sociology. Lunch will be provided.


Free Food and Beverages, Human Rights, Law, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium, Social Sciences