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Feminist Connections - Undergraduate dinner with Faculty

Come Talk about Issues Related to Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Join us for a casual dinner and conversation with GSF faculty to learn more about our classes as well as our major and minors! RSVP by Oct. 4th to Here's what our majors had to say: This major has taught me how factors such as gender, race, sexuality, and class are woven into almost every facet of life. I am more critical of things that I have been taught ... and feel more validated in my own experiences." ~ Tiana '22 "I find that GSF enhanced my vision of the world and the possibilities therein. By sharpening my mind, it also sharpened my pen to write critically, engagingly, and creatively about the world around me and the brighter futures we all as students hope to create." ~ James '23


Diversity/Inclusion, Free Food and Beverages, Information Session