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Does your plan meet your needs and help you reach your goals?

Develop Your Plan

If the answer is no, then you'll want to find ways to reduce your current spending so you're able to put some money into savings. To figure out which expenses you can cut, put your expense categories into two buckets -- Needs and Wants. Your wants will be the first place you cut expenses. A Need is something you must have to live or work. A Want is something you would like to have.

Ideas for spending less:

  • Search #dukeonadime for discounts and free events
  • Change your cell phone plan
  • Get rid of cable (watch TV online)
  • Get a roommate
  • Exchange “wants” with friends/family (babysitting services, have “pot luck” night, etc.)
  • Avoid buying sodas and snacks out of vending machines
  • Use the library
  • Use the Internet for comparison shopping
  • Avoid the coffee shops


If you have other ideas, share them with us, and we'll add them to the list.