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The key to reaching your goals is making them SMART.  

Define Your Goals

In addition to identifying what you want to achieve, include a detailed plan on how the goals will be achieved. Instead of simply saying, “I want to save money,” break down your goals into Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound steps. 

  • Specific:  Write your goal so it's clear and specific --   "I want to have enough in my savings account to cover "

  • Measurable : How much do you need?  --  Enough to cover repairs to my car, and other unexpected expenses, $1,000.

  • Attainable:  Break your goal down into bite-sized pieces, these are the steps you'll take to reach the goal.  ---  How much will you need to save each month to get to $1,000 within the time frame you have set for yourself?

  • Relevant:  You always want your goals to align with your values as well as the vision you have for your future. Be sure that the goals you are creating support what matters most to you.

  • Time-bound:  Your goals must have an end date. Having deadlines keeps you from putting it off until tomorrow.

Another important part of setting successful goals is to focus on what you can actually control.