Tips for Protecting Your Assets


  • Which Deductible

    If you’re mainly relying on your insurance to protect against catastrophic loss, take a higher deductible.

  • Replacement vs Market

    Insure for the cost of replacement, not market value. If your house value goes down, don’t reduce the policy limit.

  • Better Health

    Research shows that people with health insurance are more likely get better health care. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  • Document

    If you have personal property coverage, take pictures or video of your property and save your receipts.

  • Read the policy

    Read your entire insurance policy. The exclusions may surprise you.

  • Collision?

    If you don’t drive an expensive car, you might not need collision insurance.

  • Doesn't cover your rent

    Renter’s insurance will cover your personal property in case of theft, fire, etc

  • Employer Group Plan

    Health insurance is much more affordable through an employer’s group plan.

  • Personal Liability

    If someone slips and falls at your house or business, you could be liable for enormous medical bills. Be aware of your personal liability policy limits and terms.

  • Two for one

    You can opt for “pure” term life insurance, or you can choose a policy that includes a savings component.