Save money getting around Duke and Durham

Got a car? Want a car? Hate cars all together? Fortunately, there are money- and time-efficient options for students at Duke. For more information on the resources below, visit

  • Ride a bike.  Take advantage of Duke’s Bike Share program through Zagster.  It’s faster than walking and it’s often faster than dealing with parking!  Yearly membership is $20.
  • Take a bus.   Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA) & Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) will get you to pretty much any place in the Triangle, and with Duke’s Gopass, you can get there for free.  Going to Chapel Hill?  The Robertson Bus runs every 30 minutes  - all you need to do is show your Duke I.D.  Want to go downtown?  Try the Bull City Connector - a fare-free, hybrid-electric bus service that connects downtown Durham with the Duke University campus and medical facilities.
  • Drive a car.  If you absolutely have to go by car, try Enterprise CarShare.
  • Try carpooling. Did you know Duke Parking offers incentives for Carpooling?  It’s good  for the environment and everyone can contribute to the cost of fuel.  Or, try Uber instead of a cab!

Save money traveling to and from Duke

Looking to save a buck or fifty on your way to Duke after a break? Have you thought of these amazing ways to save money?

  • Book your flights early if you live far away
  • Use a flight comparison website like Expedia, Travelocity, or Kayak
  • Use Bing Travel to get flight price trend predictions
  • Check out for deals for students
  • Compare flight prices to train fares—trains can be relaxing and you can even read a good book on the ride
  • Carpool—it’s good  for the environment and everyone can contribute to the cost of fuel
  • Going North? Check out Megabus’s low fares to DC and beyond

General Traveling Tips