Shopping and other stuff



Paying full price can make you feel ripped off, if not downright robbed.  But you can save a substantial amount by being a smart shopper.  Don’t forget to use smart phone apps to hunt for bargains!


  • Shelf Relief is an easy and safer way of buying and selling used books, and it started at Duke.
  • Shop around.  There are lots of online retailers (Amazon,, etc.) that have the books you need. And remember your Amazon student discount—pay no shipping costs for a year.
  • Don’t forget to sell your unneeded textbooks at the end of each semester!
  • Buy and sell used books.
  • Duke Stores has a 31% off sale every Halloween.


Health/Personal Care

Find Deals and Coupons on the web

Deals websites have been around for a long time, and daily coupon websites have recently become very popular.  Check out these choices:

Finally, if you are unsure how you can afford something, go talk to someone in our Financial Aid office; there may be some available source of funding for whatever you’re considering.