Save Money at Duke



Paying for college isn’t easy and lots of students feel the pinch, especially when it comes to day to day living but there are countless opportunities to make your Duke experience more affordable. Most of these come from third parties that offer free or discounted entertainment, food, services, and so on. Others are covered by the tuition and fees you have already paid—so make sure you take advantage of them! We want you to be aware of all the opportunities to make the Duke experience more affordable and more enjoyable. Live like a student now so you won’t have to later!


Check out these suggestions for travel to Duke, as well as ideas on how to get around Durham once you are here.


Need furnishings for the new apartment or dorm room? Look here for affordable ideas.


Dining out affordably doesn’t have to mean fast food. Here are some ideas for saving money and eating healthy.


Need to get out and do something but you are low on cash? Here are some inexpensive ways to take a break.


Looking for music and movies? Here are some suggestions that won't drain your resources.

Shopping and Other Stuff

Use these ideas for being a smart shopper and save money when ever you shop.