Find off-campus housing

Find deals for housing and furnishing needs

Of course, the first recommendation someone is likely to hear about finding cheap stuff is craigslist.org, but it’s not the only way to go. Try these easy tips for saving money and having the room you always dreamed of.

  • Have a friend who is graduating? Buy their stuff.
  • Consider shopping at the Scrap Exchange. Not only is it artsy, it’s useful.
  • Go vintage! Shop at a thrift store and make the look work for you. You just might put together your favorite new outfit for $5.
  • Get up early and and find something unique at a yard sale!
  • Only buy what you need!  Wait until you arrive in Durham, make list of items you need, then go shopping!
  • Know what you can and cannot share! You can split the cost of many household items with your roommate.