Filing Your Taxes: What forms should I use? Can I use a free IRS e-file?



You have several options for completing your tax forms:

  • Complete the paper forms found on the IRS website.  This IRS page will held you determine which form(s) you need to use.  The most commonly used form for people with relatively simple taxes is the 1040EZ.
  • E-file using the IRS website.  Check this IRS page to see if you are eligible for a free tax return filing.
  • Download a software package to help with bookkeeping and tax return preparation:
        - Turbo Tax
        - H&R Block
  • Use an online tax preparation service to complete your return and file electronically:
        - H&R Block online
        - TaxACT 
        - TurboTax Online
  • If your taxes are complicated and you can afford it, you can hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to complete your return.  

Don't forget to pay attention to the deadlines for filing your tax return. You don't want to be slapped with penalties or miss out on a refund. This calendar summarizes some of the key dates.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The information provided to you on this page is limited in scope and should not be your only resource for completing your tax returns. We recommend you seek advice from a licensed tax professional.