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Glossary of Terms

Short for "small capitalization," a small-cap is a public company with a market capitalization at the low end of the total range for ...
Power of attorney is when you give legal authority to someone else to act on your behalf for certain specified things in particular or for things in general. This can only be done in writing and with a witness; you can't simply say to someone that he or she has power of...
An appraiser is someone who performs appraisals. Appraisers can be employees of banks or insurance companies, or they can be independent.
COBRA is short for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. If you lose or leave your job, under the provisions of this federal government act you can pay to maintain health...
If you own property, you will probably have to pay property tax on it. Property tax is usually imposed and levied by the county you live in. It's calculated based on the assessed value of the...
Your credit history is the record of how diligent and timely you have been (or have not been) about paying your bills - mostly credit card bills, but also utility bills, medical bills,...