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Glossary of Terms

This is an insurance term essentially meaning you have something to lose and you are allowed to buy insurance in case you lose it. Conversely, when you have nothing at stake and nothing to lose, then you generally can't buy insurance...
This is a kind of bond that is issued for less than its face value (the amount shown on the actual bond document or certificate), and pays no interest or coupon...
Tax deductions are important for anyone who pays tax. Under the tax code, tax deductions allow you to lower the amount of your taxable income by the...
If you are an insured, you file a claim when you have had an accident that results in a loss. For example, if your car is damaged, you can make a claim to your insurance company asking...
If you want to change the provisions of a will, you can either create an entirely new will or add an amendment that changes only a specific part of the original will. This amendment or supplement to a will is known as a codicil.