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Every state has enacted workers' compensation laws that protect employees against financial loss as a result of a work-related injury, illness, or disease. Employers can buy workers'...
When the stock market moves up quickly after a period of declining or just staying at about the same level, some professional investors might decide to sell off some...
In insurance, mandatory refers to insurance that you are required by state law to purchase. Typically, it refers to automobile insurance; in many states it is mandatory to have a...
These are financial institutions that are similar to banks. They started as a safe place to put your money and then became a place where you could get a ...
Interest is the cost of borrowing money. It's important because borrowing money is a fundamental part of the economy. Whenever money is borrowed, there is usually interest to be paid by the borrower...
This is a stock market in which around 3,300 public companies are traded, using the NASDAQ system. There are two NASDAQ stock markets, both...