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Glossary of Terms

Medicaid is a program jointly funded by the federal government and state governments that provides assistance for health-care costs for certain poor and needy individuals,...
This is a federal government act that permits members of the armed services (including reserves) who are on active military duty to suspend or postpone certain civil obligations. This is so the servicemembers can devote...
This is a tax you pay if you have made a capital gain after selling some of your assets. The tax applies differently depending on how long you owned the asset...
"No pay, no play" is a system that has been enacted in several states concerning automobile insurance. Basically - though details vary from state to state - the idea is that if a motorist breaks the law by driving without...
OSHA is the government agency that exists to prevent injuries and protect the health of America's workers while they're at work by assuring "safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women." It was created as a result of the...