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Glossary of Terms

This is a provider of financial regulatory services to the securities industry. It is involved with all regulatory aspects such as registration of members, education, enforcement of NASD rules and...
Tax deductions are important for anyone who pays tax. Under the tax code, tax deductions allow you to lower the amount of your taxable income by the...
This is a book you get - although you usually pay for it - from your bank that contains blank checks. It will usually also include deposit slips, which you fill out when you...
Insurance policies have limits. That means the policy will pay up to a certain amount and no more. The limits will be shown on the declaration page of the policy. For example, in...
The net worth of an individual typically means the difference between all that individual's assets and all her debts. Put another way, it's a method of assessing how wealthy someone is.
Most homeowners insurance polices do not automatically provide coverage for losses arising from earthquake damage. Therefore, if you...
A specialist in the New York Stock Exchange is a firm that stockbrokers visit in order to buy and sell stocks. Each specialist firm...