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This means the total number of shares that a public company has issued. It is the total number of shares available to be bought and sold. A company's...
The net worth of an individual typically means the difference between all that individual's assets and all her debts. Put another way, it's a method of assessing how wealthy someone is.
The simple phrase "tax loss" is a little misleading. Tax loss is really an abbreviated form of the phrase "a capital loss you have sustained that you can apply against a capital gain you...
This is an organization that keeps track of your credit history: essentially how well you pay all your bills plus other relevant details of your past financial behavior. This information is contained in a...
As a general rule, when you are dealing with financial services and financial products, it often happens that important information is written in small print. The information is there because by law it has to be stated, but it's so small that few people are inclined to...
When you buy or sell stock, you can call your stockbroker and say, "Please buy 200 shares of XYZ Company," or "Sell 300 shares of ABC Company," and the stockbroker will start to do it at once....
Investing is the term used for the general act of paying out some money in the hope that it will eventually become a larger amount of money. There are many ways of investing. You can invest in the stock market by buying...